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Petition against the Boundary Commission Changes

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boundary-changes You can help keep Mitcham and Morden together as a parliamentary constituency by signing the petition against the Boundary Commission's plans for our area. 

You can complete this petition and send it back by FREEPOST. 


You can read Siobhain's submission here

The Proposals:

The initial proposals would see Mitcham and Morden split up into parts of four different constituencies as follows:

-         Figges Marsh, Pollards Hill, and Longthornton wards would join with parts of Streatham and Croydon to form a new ‘Streatham and Mitcham’ constituency.

-         Colliers Wood, Lavender Fields, Cricket Green, and Ravensbury wards would join with most of Wimbledon to form a new ‘Merton and Wimbledon Central’ constituency.

-         Lower Morden and St. Helier wards would be absorbed into the existing ‘Sutton and Cheam’ constituency.

-         Graveney ward would be absorbed into the existing ‘Tooting’ constituency.

You can read in more detail about the Boundary Commission proposals on their website by visiting their website -

Dividing our Community:

As someone who has watched our community grow and come together over the last 30 years, it breaks my heart to see that the Boundary Commission want to dismantle everything we’ve built up for the sake of meeting a numerical check-list.

Under the current plans, the Parish of Mitcham – which can be traced back almost 400 years, and the boundaries of which still form the basis for the current constituency boundaries – would be split into three
separate constituencies.

Every year I sell poppies outside the ASDA in Mitcham, and then I attend the Remembrance Day service at the Mitcham War Memorial. Under the current plans, the Mitcham War Memorial would be in one constituency, and the Mitcham branch of the Royal British Legion would be in another.

Similarly, the Parish of Morden would be divided nonsensically. The Parish Church – St. Lawrence’s – would be pushed in to Sutton, and Morden Town Centre would be merged in to Wimbledon.

When areas and communities with such distinct identities are divided in this kind of indiscriminate way, it dilutes their collective voice. Who will stand up for the interests of Mitcham when it is split three ways? Who will speak out for Morden residents when it no longer has one representative?