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Standing Up To ULEZ Expansion!

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Projected expansion for new ULEZ boundary

My Stance On The ULEZ Expansion:

From the 29th, August 2023 the Ultra-Low Emissions Zone will expand to encompass all London boroughs, more than half of which are already below the London average living wage.  That includes people living in Mitcham and Morden. 

The answer to rising food prices, fuel costs, and rising rent and mortgage prices? Another £12.50 per day to drive your car to work! 

By no means am I opposed to clean air reform, I do believe that collectively our behaviours and attitudes towards the crisis must change, however, the solution is not to further tax working people just to drive their car. It should be the people with the broadest shoulders that should pay for it.   
Those polluting the most, ironically, are those who can also most afford to contribute to the recovery of our planet.  The proposed expansion zone for the ULEZ covers a span of areas with far less efficient public transport than central London.  Areas where people are more likely to rely on a car. Those are not the people who should be penalised.  


Action I Have Taken Against the ULEZ Expansion: 

In a recent interview with LBC, I explained my opposition to the mayor’s scheme. I also appeared on Newsnight to express the concerns of over 215,000 people who have signed a petition to stop the expansion of the ULEZ.  

You can watch me on Newsnight here: 

I know Sadiq Khan is in politics to help people which is why at every available opportunity I will urge him, not to ignore the climate crisis and air pollution, but delay so that we might find a solution that doesn’t pile pressure upon pressure on those least able to bear it. 
This will also hit small businesses. I was recently contacted by Mr H who feared that his garage will not be able to survive in the hostile landscape the expanded ULEZ would bring about.  
I will continue to stand firm in my opposition to the expansion of the ULEZ boundary. People earning less than £12.50 an hour cannot afford to pay £12.50 a day to go to work or to see their families.