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Give every worker the National Living Wage they deserve

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siobhain GMB Siobhain is leading a nationwide campaign against employers who are stopping workers from getting the full National Living Wage they are entitled to, as of 1st April 2016.

She has led a widespread campaign across national papers, to highlight the fact that some employers are cutting staff wages. 

Her campaign began just a few months ago, and since then we've had dozens of employees coming forward from around the country saying they too will also be adversely affected. These are largely long serving staff on older contracts who are losing out. They were given an ultimatum to sign the new term and conditions, or lose their jobs.

Siobhain then asked the Prime Minister directly about this matter, and whether he would guarantee that no worker would be made worse off as a result of the NLW, to which he had no response

She made a very well publicised speech on Budget Day, which caught the attention of Business Minister, Anna Soubry, who has promised to meet with Siobhain to discuss the issue. 


We then helped to launch a petition on with an anonymous B&Q worker (as B&Q threatened workers with the sack should they go public) which has to date secured 130,000 signatories.

The petition has been well covered in the press, especially the fact that some former B&Q bosses have come out to say they are appalled with B&Q's behaviour. You can read the article in the Mail here, and in the Mirror here

Siobhain has spoken extensively in the national media on the issue, to get this issue the full attention it deserves. In March, Channel 4 ran a feature speaking to 'Kevin Jones', the anonymous B&Q employee who launched the petition.

She has also spoken on Good Morning Britain, to get the campaign more coverage. 

Furthermore, Channel 4 news has also produced a short documentary on the subject, and interviewed Siobhain ahead of Monday's debate. 

**As a result of Siobhain's campaign, B&Q has agreed to extend their period of compensation for affected employees by two years in total. Read about the development here.**

Siobhain secured a backbench debate on Monday 18th April on the implementation of the National Living Wage. You can watch the debate here

We hope that B&Q and the many other companies who have cut staff wages to offset the National Living Wage will change their minds, and give all workers the full wage they truly deserve.

If you are affected by this, or would like to find out more, please email Siobhain at