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Siobhain's National Living Wage campaign in national media

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09 May 2016

thismorning Siobhain's campaign on the National Living Wage has attracted yet more media attention, on ITV's 'This Morning' programme.

Journalist Alice Beer presented a 10m slot investigating the biggest culprits in the UK, who are cutting staff perks and pay, in an apparent attempt to offset the National Living Wage. 

The slot saw an anonymous whistleblower from B&Q, speaking about his employer's changes, which may see him losing up to £1,000 a year.

**Watch the ITV report here.**

So far Siobhain's campaign has highlighted many employers who are also cutting staff perks and pay:

B&Q: The specialist retailer has cut staff pay, including overtime, Sunday and bank holiday pay, seeing some employers losing up to £2,500 per year. As a result of Siobhain's meeting with B&Q senior management, the company has agreed to provide affected employees two years' worth of compensation - but there is still more that needs to be done. 

Le Pain Quotidien: The fashionable, and expensive, cafe chain has cut paid breaks, and has failed to pass on all tips to staff. 

Zizzi: The popular pizza chain has cut the range of food options available to staff. 

Caffe Nero: Staff at the coffee chain Caffè Nero who will no longer be eligible for free food at their lunch breaks, saving the company about £3.60 per staff member. 

Waitrose: Waitrose, which as part of the John Lewis Partnership is constitutionally impelled to take care of its staff, who own the business, has stopped paying Sunday and overtime rates for new shopworkers. 

Saucy Fish Co.: The Seachill Fish Factory in Grimsby is cutting overtime payments, despite the fact that overtime work is written into employee contracts. Some employees are losing up to £100 per month. 

Bradgate Bakery (Ginsters; Soreen Loaf): The owner of Ginsters pasties have cut double time for Sundays, with many workers in Leicestershire losing out. You can watch the Channel 4 report on the bakery here

As a result of Siobhain's campaign and the House of Commons debate she called, the Chancellor has said that such actions are 'not in the spirit of the law'. 

These are just a few examples of unscrupulous employers cutting staff pay and perks, but there are many more.

If you have been affected by these changes, in whatever sector you might work in, or whatever part of the country, please get in touch. You can email me on