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Siobhain confronts PM on National Living Wage

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10 March 2016

NLW pmq Siobhain has confronted the Prime Minister about the actions of unscrupulous employers, like B&Q, who will be making low-paid workers even worse off from next month.

She explained to the Prime Minister how B&Q and many others are cutting staff pay, including the London weighting and overtime pay, to offset the cost of the introduction of the National Living Wage from next month. Many employees therefore are going to be up to £50 a week worse off after these changes, after the higher minimum wage is introduced.

She asked the Prime Minister to make a promise to all low-paid workers that they will not lose out, but David Cameron's response demonstrated that he does not really care about helping hard-working people at all. 

You can watch Siobhain's question here:

You can read more about Siobhain's campaign in this article in the Daily Mirror and in the Yorkshire Post.