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15 June 2017

kadcyla On Wednesday 15th June, NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) approved the life enhancing and life giving secondary breast cancer drug Kadcyla for routine use on the NHS!

Kadcyla can add, on average, 6 months of life to women with a form of terminal breast cancer, whilst also improving their quality of life too. There was concerns the drug would not be made available on the NHS for cost reasons and so this positive news will be of great relief to all those who raised the issue - Mitcham and Morden and beyond.

In April, it was announced that Kadcyla would be funded in Scotland, but still no longer available elsewhere. A secondary breast cancer sufferer in Edinburgh, for example, would have been able to extend their life and yet a secondary breast cancer sufferer in Mitcham and Morden unable to do so.

Siobhain takes great pride as an Ambassador for Breast Cancer Now but there is still much to be done. An average of 18 women a year in each constituency (totalling approximately 11,500 women across the UK) still die from breast cancer. Ensuring Kadcyla is available on the NHS is a big step, but there are many, many more to still be taken.

You can watch Siobhain's passionate speech on the issue below, where she tells the stories of constituents, friends and campaigners: Samantha, Leslie, Adele, Rosalie, Mani and Bonnie.