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06 July 2017

Siobhain Southern Rail On Tuesday, Siobhain spoke on behalf of the thousands of constituents who are continuously impacted by the abysmal service provided by Southern Rail.

Southern operates the services running through Mitcham Eastfields, Mitcham Junction and St Helier train stations, connecting the constituency to Central London and beyond. In 2016, there were an appalling 58,983 Southern trains fully or party cancelled, an average of 161 every single day.

In her speech, Siobhain passionately tells the House of Commons of the stories of her constituents Mark, Arexa, William and Collis - some of whom have even lost their jobs because of the consistent delays on the service. In her own words, this is not the service that constituents deserve when some are paying over £3000 a year!

You can watch Siobhain's speech on the issue below: