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31 August 2017


Summer holidays can be expensive for families, whilst the high fences surrounding the entrances and exits to the Houses of Parliament may make it seem like an unlikely day out for the family. I was delighted, therefore, to be able to open up Parliament not once but twice throughout the school Summer holidays to invite the children of Mitcham and Morden in for a behind the scenes visit.

The days kicked off with 'If I was Prime Minister' - an interactive game where we found out what all the children would do if they were the Prime Minister for the day. From lowering the voting age to days off school on their birthdays, the answers were varied and insightful!

Then, thanks to all our incredibly helpful volunteers, we embarked on a tour across the Parliamentary Estate, teaching the children about the workings of Parliament whilst they explored famous sites including the House of Commons, House of Lords, Westminster Hall and Central Lobby.

After testing the knowledge they had learnt via our quiz, there was just enough time for certificates and prizes before the families headed back off to Mitcham and Morden.

It was a real pleasure to welcome so many children and their families into the Houses of Parliament and I hope you all had a wonderful day!


Photo's from 23rd August Children's Day:

Photo's from 30th August Children's Day: