Mitcham and Morden's Single Market Debate

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28 September 2017

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On Thursday 28th September, Mitcham and Morden hosted an important debate on whether the UK should look to stay in the single market.

Speaking first was the wonderful Heidi Alexander, MP for Lewisham East. Heidi has expressed her views loud and clear in Parliament and across the National press that the UK simply must remain in the single market. If we come out, she argued, we will see even worse austerity. Similarly, if we enter a transition period, we may find ourselves stuck in it for a long time to come. Heidi's passionate speech covered a whole range of issues including the economy, trade and immigration.

Facing Heidi was the excellent Brendan Chilton, Head of the Labour Leave campaign. Brendan's speech was both rounded and clear, providing provoking arguments that challenged the opinion of much of the audience. He has travelled the length and breadth of the UK hearing views and opinions on both sides of the argument.

A vote was taken at the end of the debate that was resoundingly in favour of the UK staying in the single market.

Sincere thanks must go to both Heidi and Brendan for taking the time to take part in the debate - and to all who came along to participate.