Homeless for Fostering

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23 February 2018


Behind the housing crisis are real people, real children, real families. One such case is that of foster carer Ava who is homeless for fostering and fosterless due to homelessness. When her property did not meet the necessary electrical safety certificate requirements and her landlord refused to pay for the necessary changes, Environmental Health issued a notice and her landlord evicted her. Ava and her two adopted children were made homeless and are now in temporary accommodation in Connect House. Due to her homelessness, Ava has lost the right to foster.

So shocked was Siobhain by this story that she asked the Prime Minister directly about the case. You can watch her question below and read more about the case from the article in the Daily Mirror: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/cruel-catch-22-foster-carer-11836495