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Crime prevention advice from local police

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08 January 2022


Unfortunately I have been contacted by the local police with a warning for residents about a scam that is targeting elderly residents in our community.

The person is pretending to be a police officer from the serious fraud department and is using bogus details before confirming a victim's name and address.

It is awful that anyone would target people in our community in this way. I hope that you will help me to spread the following information so that this does not happen to any of your loved ones this Christmas.

The message from the police is as follows:


Scammer impersonating Police targeting elderly and vulnerable people locally.

Person calls claiming to be a Detective from "Serious Fraud Department stationed at a Police station".

They may provide reference numbers, confirm your address and claim your bank account is involved in crime.

They may ask you to call 999 immediately - which directs you to another scammer. They then ask you to provide sensitive information which allows them to access your money.

Police will NEVER phone a victim to inform them that they are a victim of fraud.

Police will NEVER ask for personal banking information.

Should Police need any other information it will be requested face to face where the officer would be in possession of a valid Police Warrant Card or in full uniform.