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20 June 2022


Imagine making it to Downing Street to then spend your day doing anything to clutch on to power rather than using your privileged position to change the lives of others. The Prime Minister’s focus is on smearing his opponents, planting dead cat distractions and proposing policies designed not to solve problems but to sow division. And so in opening my response to the Queen’s speech, I drew attention to this most suitable of words… Snollygoster! Defined as an unprincipled person in office motivated by personal rather than public gain.

The entire nation is justifiably furious that our Prime Minister would allow parties to be held in his own back yard at the same time as he instructed families up and down the country to follow his rules, lock down and stay at home. He’s gone from denying any knowledge of them, to claiming he misunderstood his own rules, to now paying his fine.

A vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister has now taken place with 41% of his own MPs (148!) voting against him after months of scandal culminating in the publishing of Sue Gray’s partygate report

The party is over for this shambolic leader. It’s about decency, honesty and integrity and we are calling loud and clear for Boris Johnson to resign.