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Paramedic Pensions

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03 April 2019

Paramedic Pensions

Local resident Matt Fisher is leading a petition calling on the Government to reduce the pension age for paramedics from 67 to 60 (the same as it is for firefighters).

A close colleague of Matt’s recently died. He retired at 63 after a 40-year career serving the public of London. Sadly he suddenly passed away 3 weeks later, leaving a partner 4 children, 9 grandchildren and a great grandson who was born just after he passed away. He had been very fit and healthy to this point and had not yet reached the official retirement age.

Matt's petition has now soared past 200,000 signatures, with the signatories calling for the Government to reduce the pension age for paramedics. Given the scale of the petition, I was delighted to arrange a meeting with him and the Minister for Health, Stephen Hammond MP, to discuss the issue in more detail.

You can visit Matt's petition here:

Congratulations to Matt, whose efforts in bringing this important issue to Government attention should be commended.