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Textbooks in Pakistan

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27 March 2019

Textbooks in Pakistan

£369 million is spent on aid to Pakistan every year, £175 million of which goes on education.

But, following reports brought to Siobhain about bias and discriminatory content in Pakistani textbooks, she arranged to meet with Government Ministers’ Lord Bates and Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon to raise these concerns and seek reassurances that no taxpayer money has funded any discriminatory content.

At the meeting, Siobhain was able to present a petition signed by 5,657 people calling on the Government to ensure that our taxes do not fund any such discrimination.

The Ministers present assured Siobhain that a review was conducted in 2017 that found no content inciting religious hatred. Nevertheless, the resources presented at the meeting would be used to update this review.

It is imperative that no taxpayer money goes on funding discrimination or religious hatred anywhere in the world.