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Children's Days 2019!

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23 September 2019

Childrens Day 2019 By the end of the long school Summer holiday, lots of families indicate that they are running short of funds or ideas for days out for the family.

That's why, every year, Siobhain hosts her very own 'Children's Day' in Parliament, inviting hundreds of local families in for a day of tours, quizzes and games.

But this year, an incredible 650 local people responded to her invitation and so an amazing FOUR back to back days were held!

Thanks to very kind local donations - including from Morrisons, Waitrose and Chak 89 - guests were welcomed with drinks, snacks and books. The day then began with a game of "If I were Prime Minister for the day", before all guests took part in tours of the Houses of Parliament. As well as visiting the famous Westminster Hall, the children explored both the House of Commons and House of Lords. After lunch, their listening was put to the test, with the famous Children's Day quiz held - including a special bonus round for the adults!

The day finished with questions to Siobhain and a prize giving ceremony at the end.

Our thanks to everybody who visited over the four days. It was wonderful to meet you all and we hope you enjoyed the visit!

After the week, a video was made capturing some of the best bits. You can watch for yourself here!