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South African Variant Coronavirus Pollards Hill

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01 February 2021

Siobhain Statement

I was told this afternoon that someone in the Pollards Hill area tested positive for the South African variant of coronavirus. I understand that they isolated and are recovering well. As a result of this discovery, it is important that everybody is protected and that it is why testing will be made available to everyone.

There will be a mobile testing centre within the next few days at a central location in the Pollards Hill area. For people who would prefer it, there will be hand delivered tests and these will also be collected the same day.

10,000 tests will be available, enough for everybody over the age of 16. In order to ensure that everybody has the confidence to take a test, I will be arguing that there is financial assistance to everyone who tests positive or who needs to self-isolate.

Just as soon as we know when this work will start, I will deliver an information sheet with the local councillors to every household.

As ever, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time at