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Universal Credit

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18 October 2017

Universal Credit

Universal Credit was the supposed flagship reform of the benefits system, but it is causing country-wide chaos and misery.

More than a quarter of all claimants have had to wait more than 6 weeks to receive their first payment in full, leaving low-income households without any cash at all. This is more than long enough to see those claimants face eviction and, consequently, homelessness. 

In areas where the full universal credit rollout has taken place, food bank referral rates were running at more than double the national average. The warnings are coming from far and wide, with 90% of the local authorities themselves expressing concerns that the roll out of Universal Credit would exacerbate homelessness further. 

In the House of Commons, I called on the Government to reduce the 6-week payment delay that families are facing, leaving so many with no money at all to live on. I am pleased to see that opposition pressure has led the Government to scrap the immoral Universal Credit helpline charges that had previously left claimants paying up to 55p per minute.

That's a start, but there is so much more to be done!