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May 2015

Dear Friend


I have been overwhelmed with the kindness and enthusiasm that has been shown to me since last Thursday’s general election. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would do so well. For anyone who missed the result it was as follows:


Siobhain McDonagh, Labour – 27,380 (60.7%)

Paul Holmes, Conservative – 10,458 (23.2%)

Richard Hilton, UKIP – 4,287 (9.5%)

Mason Redding, Green – 1,422 (3.2%)

Diane Coman, Lib Dem – 1,372 (3.1%)

Des Coke, Christian People’s Alliance – 217 (0.5%)

Turnout was 65.9%


I would like to thank everyone who voted for me and helped me in the campaign. I am so lucky to be working for the people of Mitcham and Morden.


Whoever you voted for last week, I will do my best to represent you. I am now back to doing my advice surgeries and my office is once again up and running. Please bear with us over the next week as we do have a bit of a backlog. But if we can do anything to be of assistance to you or in your neighbourhood, or if you would like an appointment for my weekly advice surgery please call 0207 219 4678, or alternatively you may want to email me on


My top priority over the coming months will be to ensure the future of St. Helier’s A&E and maternity units. I will also be re-launching my Work Experience Scheme, which brings together local employers in order to provide work experience for young people. A Scheme that has already found jobs for 163 people. My plan is to have the placements available for September.


Housing has become the top issue for people coming to my advice surgery, and I will work hard on plans to increase the supply of both rented and shared ownership homes. I can’t promise to solve the housing problem on my own, as it is a national issue that requires the government to act. However, I will do my best to put pressure on the Prime Minister to give housing the priority it deserves.


It goes without saying that I will continue to keep my eye on the standards in our schools, and the number of police on our streets.


If there are any issues you feel I need to take up please do not hesitate to contact me, I am always happy to organise a local residents meeting or a site meeting to resolve difficulties.


Thank you once again for electing me as your Member of Parliament. I pledge to do my best to represent the people of Mitcham and Morden.

Best wishes