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Work Experience Scheme 2014

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Help a young person get experience of work in Mitcham and Morden
Anyone who’s been unemployed soon after leaving school or university will remember how dispiriting it is not to know where that first opportunity is going to come from.
So I am relaunching my Work Experience placement scheme. If you are an employer – or if you know anyone who runs a business or voluntary organisation who might like to help a young person get experience in the workplace – I’ve just opened applications for potential job providers.

Brochure 2014
I hosted a Business Breakfast on Tuesday 15 October 2013 for potential employers to find out about the scheme. The programme will last 8-12 weeks, beginning on Monday 13 January. 

More than 80 placements are available, with full details in a brochure. Applications can be made directly by young people between 16 and 24, who are unemployed and live locally. 
The placements are unpaid (unless employers can afford to pay), and at the end of the 8-12 weeks, the young person should be better equipped for the world of work – we’ve found in the past that many go straight into a new job, and sometimes the placement goes so well that they get a job with the company where they got work experience.

I’ll be organising a special thank you Graduation Party at the end of the scheme, to which both employers and young people will be invited. Every young person will receive a ‘work experience certificate’.
If you are interested, it’s a really worthwhile scheme – you can obtain details about the scheme by clicking here to read the letter I am sending local residents about the scheme, or opening the brochure here